Border Incident

Hand them
to the man.

Now get out of here!
Now we can get
down to business.

Call your shot.
Sit down.
What did you
have in mind?

Well, no sense
beating around the bush.

You've got something
I want. I'm willing to pay for it.

You can beat it,

I don't think,
Mr. Parkson,

Hugo's going to
appreciate my company no more.

You can
hang around the bunkhouse

Till I send
for you.

Anything you say.
you don't seem very cooperative.

I didn't ask you guys
to interfere.

What's the matter, mac?
I got you out of a tough spot, didn't I?

I don't know.
Where are
those permits?

I got them
in a safe place.

I need them.
Sure you do.
Everybody does.

First those two scorpions
tried to get them,

Then Hugo wanted them.
Your little pal here--
He even tried to make a deal with me for them.

Just a little spadework.
Trying to help you out, that's all.

Yeah, thanks, Jeff.
Now, I don't want
to fool around with no go-Between, see?

I find if you do business
with the top man, you get the top price.

You're talking
to him.

How's $5.00 apiece?
You have over 400, haven't you?

Around 425.
Only the price is
$10 apiece.

You see, I know
a little town down in peru

Where, with 4 1/2 grand,
I could buy myself a lot of peace of mind, see?

It's a deal.
Where are they?

A friend's holding them
for me in kansas city.

Now, I could send him
a wire and tell him to airmail them down here.