I Was a Male War Bride

Sorry, you're all out of luck.
We'll settle for a jeep.
All we've got are motorcycles
and side cars.

Come on, sergeant.
Did you look at your orders?
What about those cars?
You've got priority 4.
That's bottom.

Well, Captain, what do we do?
We'll have to take a motorcycle.
- Are you checked out on motorcycles?
- I can drive one.

If you ain't checked out, you can't.
I have a motorcycle licence.
Well, I guess that fixes you up.
We'll wait for a car.
I can drive one.
I'm sure.
I'm good on a motorcycle. My brother
had one, we went hill climbing.

- I can even ride standing up.
- What for?

I can still ride a motorcycle.
Or are you afraid?

We'll take it, Sergeant.
And I am afraid.

- Any one of these?
- Sure, take your pick.

Remember, she has to drive.
That's regulations.

Thank you.
Sergeant, can we have
a helmet and goggles?

In the toolbox, lieutenant.
Yes. Thanks.
What are you laughing at?
Begging your pardon, how do you
intend to ride? Side saddle?

No. Begging your pardon,

- It's a shame.
- Excuse me.

How far is it to Bad Nauheim?
About 120 kilometres.
Do you know the way?
I've got a map.
Of Germany?
Yes, Captain, of Germany.
You'll be all right.
You forgot something!

Never mind,
let her go.