Sands of Iwo Jima

11 days at sea. Destination?
Only the top brass knew.

Though, of course, scuttlebutt knew the
answer, a hundred answers, all wrong.

Boat Squad... halt, one, two!
Too bad you couldn't see her again.
You didn't get long.

We knew it might happen.
I'll be back. I've got to believe that.

- Sure. We'll all be back.
- Gangway!

That's no way to carry a flag, Regazzi.
I've got to teach you everything.

Now watch this...
What are you gonna do with this, Benny?

I'm gonna put that up in Tokyo,
right in the middle of Times Square.

- There isn't any Times Square in Tokyo.
- There will be when I get there.

Now that's the way to fold a flag,
with the blue field showing.

What do you know!
- You got my shirt!
- It's my shirt!

- I'm telling you, it's my shirt!
- It's my shirt!

Here, fellas. You'd better
quit fighting so much.

If you don't, one of you's apt to get hurt.
Corpsman! Corpsman!
- What's that?
- Relax. It's the Navy clearing its throat.

Sure don't sound like no squirrel gun.
I hope they practise real good. What
island do you think we're aiming at?

We'll get word.
- Here it is.
- It looks like a pork chop.

- What's its name?
- Tarawa.

Never heard of it. It's the wrong place.