She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

- Under protest, my dear.
- A written protest, of course.

Always my pleasure
to escort old Iron Pants.

As long as you're going along, we'll...
That is the dad-blastedest outfit I
ever saw. Quincannon's old britches!

- Good morning, Mr. Cohill.
- Good morning.

I hope you approve of my uniform.
Yes, indeed.
It's very lovely, Olivia.

So Ross has branded you
with his yellow ribbon.

How do you know
it isn't for you, mister?

I'd be very happy
if I thought it were for me.

Very happy indeed.
- Morning!
- Trooper Dandridge reporting for duty.

Well, proper trooper!
Right pretty, don't you think?

I do indeed.
A yellow ribbon? You know what
that means here? A sweetheart.

- It does?
- Who's it for?

Why, for you, Captain Brittles.
For me! I'll make
these young bucks jealous.

Good morning. You look nice.
I hope Ross notices
that yellow ribbon.

I hope you're wearing
that yellow ribbon for me.

Why, who else would I be
wearing it for, Ross?