She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

- Aunt Abby, that's really buffalo!
- Yes, it's buffalo.

That's a lot of buffalo.
It reminds me of the old days.

When whiskey was 50 cents a gallon.
- I'd love a taste of buffalo meat.
- Me too. Ain't never had it.

Beans is safer, you mark my word.
There'll be Injuns around
that herd thicker than flies.

What's your thinking?
Don't say it ain't your department.

Captain, I ain't getting paid
for thinking.

I read it this way. If I was a
young hot-blood like Red Shirt...

...anxious to show off
for them Cheyenne Dog Soldiers...

...l'd be down at them
council fires tonight telling...

...that I made the medicine
that brought back the buffalo.

I'd tell them about the Great Spirit.
How us Injuns should stick together...

...quit quarreling...
...and join our Cheyenne brothers
that whipped General Custer...

...and drove out
the rest of them Yankees.

Yeah, that's what I'd tell them.
Of course, I'm just guessing,
you understand, captain.

Of course, I'm just
guessing too, sergeant.

But if I was an Indian agent,
maybe named Mr. Rynders...

...and I'd met a couple of men
who might be gunrunners...

...l'm guessing I'd be mighty close
to Red Shirt's council fire...

...ready to do a land-office business
in repeating rifles.

- Lf that's the case, why don't we...?
- Miss Dandridge and her chaperone.

IKeep it up.
That's all I ask, just keep it up!

Sergeant, make for the Paradise River.
Pick up our patrol there.

Head to Sudro's Wells.
Hold the stagecoach for the ladies.

Tell them I've been delayed!
Take the column, Mr. Cohill!