I see.
Yes, I see.
Mrs Sutton is wealthy enough
to buy a dozen such pins.

- Now look, I don't want any trouble.
- Exactly what I thought.

However, we'll have to make
a record of this and keep it on file,

even if we don't report it.
Thank you, Mr Simms. Why not add the
cost of the pin to Mrs Sutton's bill?

It will solve the immediate problem
to everybody's advantage.

It's now legally yours, Mrs Sutton.
You've bought it, paid for it
and are free to wear it.

Without agitating the police.
Is there someone with my husband?
- Yes, there is.
- I must see him now.

- Please tell him.
- I have orders not to disturb him...

I know, I know.
- Of course, if you're ill or...
- Take a note.

Just give it to him.
I'll wait upstairs.