Yes, he is all of that.
Have you known David Korvo long?
Not very.
I have.
Of course, it's none of my business,
I belong to no
Wives' Protective Association.

What do you mean?
I mean to be helpful.
I'd like to warn you about David.

Warn me?
Aren't you being presumptuous?

You have no reason to be jealous.
I'm old enough to be your mother.

- Jealous?
- He's after your money, Mrs Sutton.

And he'll get it. He'll keep
after you till he has what he wants.

He's lived off women all his life.
That's contemptible! Don't ever talk
to me like this about David Korvo!

Cirls! Battling over David
in my bedroom!

It's the most dramatic thing
that ever happened in it!

Three days and three nights
without you.

That's a great sacrifice to
make for psychiatry.

Would you like me to go along?
I love San Francisco!

It would bore you to death,
afternoon and evening sessions.

I wouldn't go myself if I weren't
slated for the main discussion.

Of course you must go. I'll be
lonely, but very proud of you.

Oh, darling, I'm all greasy!
A minor handicap.
Did you have a good time
at the party?

- Yes, very nice.
- I'm glad.

- Who was there?
- Oh, the usual people.

The greatest kick I get
when we go to a party together

is when people stare at you and say
"Who is that lovely girl?"

"That's Dr Sutton's wife.
She's very devoted to him."

My head swells up like a balloon.
Thanks, darling.
Oh, I'm terribly sleepy.
What time is it?

Just eleven.