Take it easy, Doctor. If you have
any facts, I'll be glad to hear them.

- But he's gotten away, I tell you!
- Facts, Doctor.

You say Korvo and Mrs Randolph stole
$60,000 of her daughter's money?

I advised Mrs Randolph
to tell her daughter the truth,

and to take Korvo into court as the
only way she could keep her health.

She agreed.
She gave Korvo a week to return
the money before taking action.

He beat her up and threatened
to kill her. But she was determined.

She was going to notify
her daughter and a lawyer on Monday.

- Korvo killed her to avoid jail.
- (Phone rings)

Hold it a minute.
Sounds pretty solid to me.

Lieutenant Colton.
You have, eh?
Where is he?
OK, get over there.
I'll be right with you.

They've found Korvo.
You can come along if you want to.
In here, Lieutenant.
Lieutenant Colton, Homicide.
I'm Dr Wayne, house physician.
How long have you known
this patient, Doctor?

A year or so.
- He's David Korvo?
- That's right.

- I don't like to interfere, Doctor.
- Co right ahead.

- When was Mr Korvo operated on?
- 2pm yesterday.

That's about 16 hours ago.
You were present during the surgery?
I assisted Dr Winslow.
What surgery was done?
- Call bladder removal.
- How is he?

He'll be all right.