White Heat

-The lever slipped.
-You can tell that to the warden later.

I saw that just in time.
What do you want? A medal?
You would have looked like that barrel.
You almost walked into it yourself.
Why should you care
if a guy named Cody Jarrett gets his...

if you don't want something?
Okay. Keep your medal.
Come on, break it up. Get going, Jarrett.
Sorry, Cody.
Forget it, Parker.
Accidents will happen.
Attention. The following men
have visitors.

Reynolds, Allen, Jarrett, Kaminsky...
Williams, Phillips, Jordan.
Hello, Ma.
Cody. You been hurt.
-Oh, it's nothing. Just an accident.
-You sure?

What kind of question is that?
Why are you nervous? Anything wrong?

-Like what?

That's why I come.
I'm the one to tell you.
It's Big Ed and Verna. They run out.
It's my fault, Cody. I let you down.
I said I'd take care of things
and I let you down.

I saw it coming,
but I didn't think he'd have the guts.

Forget it, Ma.
It was in the cards
for Big Ed to make his try.

Don't you care?
Sure. What's mine is mine,
but I ain't gonna let it make me sick.

I'll take care of them when I get out.
That's what I told myself.
I'll help you, Cody, like always.

You'll be out soon,
back on top of the world.

When you're around, Ma,
nothing can stop me.

That's right.