All About Eve

- Why?
- I just wondered.

- Just wondered what?
- Why?

- Why what?
- Why you have to go out... there.

- I don't have to. I want to.
- Is it the money?

80%of it'll go for taxes.
Then why? Why, if you're the most
successful young director in the theatre...

The theatre. The theatre.
What rules say the theatre exists
only within some ugly buildings

crowded into one
square mile of New York City?

Or London, Paris or Vienna?
Listen, Junior, and learn.
Do you wanna know what the theatre is?
A flea circus. Also opera.

Also rodeos, carnivals, ballets,
Indian tribal dances, Punch and Judy,
a one-man band - all theatre.

Wherever there's magic and make-believe
and an audience, there's theatre.

Donald Duck, Ibsen and The Lone Ranger.
Sarah Bernhardt and Poodles Hanneford.
Lunt and Fontanne, Betty Grable.

Rex the Wild Horse, Eleonora Duse -
all theatre.

You don't understand them all.
You don't like them all.

Why should you? The theatre's for everybody
- you included - but not exclusively.

So, don't approve or disapprove.
It may not be your theatre,
but it's theatre for somebody, somewhere.

I just asked a simple question.
And I shot my mouth off.
Nothing personal, Junior. No offence.
It's just that there's so much bushwa in
this ivory greenroom they call the theatre,

sometimes it gets up around my chin.
But Hollywood. You mustn't stay out there.
- It's only a one-picture deal.
- So few come back.

I read George Jean Nathan every week.
- Also Addison DeWitt.
- Every day.

You didn't have to tell me.