All About Eve

But it isn't basic. It isn't standard.
If it were, the theatre couldn't survive.

- Waiter.
- That isn't a waiter, my dear. That's a butler.

Well, I can'tyell out "butler", can I?
Maybe somebody's name is Butler.
You have a point. An idiotic one, but a point.
I don't wanna make trouble.
All I want is a drink.

- Leave it to me. I'll getyou one.
- Thank you, Mr Fabian.

Well done. I can see your career
rising in the east like the sun.

- You were saying?
- The theatre is nine-tenths hard work.

Work done the hard way - by sweat,
application and craftsmanship.

To be a good actor or actress,
or anything in the theatre,

means wanting to be that
more than anything else.

Yes. Yes, it does.
It means a concentration
of desire or ambition and sacrifice

such as no other profession demands.
And the man or woman who accepts
those terms can't be ordinary,

can't be just someone.
To give so much for almost always so little.
"So little"?
"So little", did you say?
Why, if there's nothing else,
there's applause.

I've listened backstage to people applaud.
It's like...
Like waves of love coming over
the footlights and wrapping you up.

Imagine - to know every night
that different hundreds of people love you.

They smile, their eyes shine,
you've pleased them.

They wantyou. You belong.
Just that alone is worth anything.
Don't get up. And please stop acting
as if I were the Queen Mother.