Annie Get Your Gun

"No, we haven't
-"Did you ever see a holdup
-"No, sir

"Then gather closer
"And let me give you
some of the atmosphere"

Introducing the world's
greatest sharpshooter, Mr. Frank Butler!

"The hour is midnight and all is still
"We see the stagecoach
climbing up the hill

"Going along the mountain trail
carrying passengers and mail

"Never suspecting danger
as they roll along

"The watchful driver is in his seat
"His trusty rifle lying at his feet
"Some of the passengers inside
seem to be dozing as they ride

"Never suspecting
there is something really wrong

"Suddenly there's a shout!
"What is it all about?
"'What is it all about?' you ask.
It's Indians!


"Very notable, cut-your-throatable Indians!
"Just when they've
taken everyone by force

"Who makes an entrance
on a big white horse

"Who starts shooting till
there's no one left to kill

-"General Grant?
-"No. Colonel Buffalo Bill

"Who's got the stuff
that made the Wild West wild

"Who pleases every woman, man and child
"Who does his best
to give the customers a thrill

"Colonel Buffalo Bill"