Annie Get Your Gun

Where's my money? Where's my money?
Nice work.
Thanks. It wasn't nothing.
It was easy as pie.

I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?
You're just good, that's all.

You ain't mad at me, are you?
Why, of course not.
Anybody can miss a shot.

I can't.
Excuse me.
Here's your $5, Annie. I'm proud of you.
Thanks, Mr. Wilson.
Where you going now, Annie?
I don't know.
Back to Dark County, I guess.

He sure is pretty.
-Goodbye, Annie.
-Goodbye, Mr. Wilson.

-Good luck.

You kids get on and get the supplies now.
Hurry on.

I tell you, my boy. She'd be a sensation.
They've never seen a girl
who could shoot like that.

What makes you think she's so great?
She couldn't do it again in a million years.

We haven't got a million years!
If business keeps like this,
we'll have to fold up.

Pawnee Bill's beating us everywhere.
-She'd be a novelty.
-I don't want any partners.

We'll make her your assistant.
Once in a while,
you'll let her take a potshot.

You could break her in. And you know...
...she's quite a pretty girl.
She's all right. Of course,
she looks terrible now...

...but we could dress her up.
She couldn't look worse than Dolly.

She wouldn't be willing to join us
just to hand me things.

-Yes, I would, Mr. Butler!
-Well, look at here.

I'd be willing to hand you anything,
just so I could be near you.

You ever been away from home before?
Do I got to leave home?
I think you'd find that quite fascinating.
We travel all over the country.

Certainly. Have you ever been
on a railroad train?

-You know anything about show business?
-Show business?

What's that?
What's show business?
"The cowboys, the wrestlers,
the tumblers, the clowns