Francesco, giullare di Dio

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Technical consultant: Manrico Masini
Supervision: Vincenzo Verzini

Praise be to Thee, my Lord,
through all Thy creatures...

...especially brother Sun,
who illuminates the day.

And beautiful is he and radiant
with great splendour.

Of thee, most High,
he bears the likeness.

Praise be my Lord, for
sister Moon and for the stars.

In heaven, Thou hast formed
them luminous, precious and fair.
A Rizzoli production

Praise be my Lord,
for brother Wind,

...and for the air and clouds,
and all the weather...

...through which you give
all Thy creatures nourishment.
Inspired by the"Fioretti" of San Francesco

Praise be my Lord,
for sister Water,

...she is greately helpful,
humble, precious, and pure.

Praise be my Lord,
for brother Fire...
Interpreted by non-professional actors

...through whom Thou
illuminate the night...
The role of The Tyrant Nicolaio
played by Aldo Fabrizi,

...and who is fair, cheerful,
powerful and strong.

Praise be my Lord,
for our sister, Mother Earth,

who sustains us
and governs us...

and brings forth diverse fruits
with coloured flowers and herbs.

Praise be my Lord,
for those who forgive for Thy love...