Francesco, giullare di Dio

Now Francesco is returning from
Rome with his companions.

Their hut is occupied. They go on
to Santa Maria degli Angeli.

From there they will take
to the world

the power of their meekness
and their sweet love of peace.

"If I were preaching,
I'd begin like this:"

I've come to tell you a big
secret that will make you happy.

I'll teach you how to find
real peace.

And joy!
And joy! Because joy and peace
are what men most desire.

I'd talk of glory. We should have
the spirit of the perfect knight.

He wishes us to preach the
word of God with charity.

Ardour springs from a heart
full of joy.

I think a Christian should
love to struggle.

It's great to struggle for
a cherished dream.

You mean virtue? The joy I mean
is what the soul has

when it can dominate the
passions that trouble it.

Remember how calm it was
those starry nights

when dreams enchanted our youth?
Then the weather broke the spell
that could have harmed us.

Now the Pope has blessed us, we
must make known this new reality.

The joy we feel today
is from this struggle...

which divine Providence
has inspired us to.

But why, Brother Bernardo, don't
you show us how to behave

to achieve such peace of soul?