Francesco, giullare di Dio

You should imitate Christ in His
poverty and humility!

Let there be joy! Let there be glory!
Let people rediscover the
joy of loving!

Slowly, brother. Were you thirsty?
But why you? Why you?
What do you mean?
Why does everyone follow
you, Francesco?

Why do they all want to see you,
hear you, and obey you?

You're not tall, handsome, or noble!
Because God could find no lower
creature on earth

nor a sinner worse than I,
in order to show that all virtue

and good comes from Him, not us.
Glory be His name for all eternity!

That's why I follow you,
too, Francesco!

Someone's in there.
- What do you want?
- We need to rest, brother.

Bring my donkey back in.
I'll give you rest!

- But we built this hut ourselves.
- Now it's mine.

That is hardly charitable.
Save your breath. Get out!