Francesco, giullare di Dio

Pray God in your hearts, and
shun empty words and deeds.

Each one help the other.
If you come across anyone who
needs you, forget everything else.

If you don't help others on earth,
you can't hope for God's reward.

Brothers, take care not to waste
the most precious gift of time

nor appear lazy
in others' eyes.

I want my brothers to do honest work
and not burden others.

Make those who don't know the Gospels
learn from your example.

As Ginepro has no clothes, he
will cook you a nice dinner.

We'll bring him a silken habit.
Farewell until this evening.
- We'll spread joy!

Lord, make me an instrument
of your peace.

Let me bring love where there is hate,
unity where there is discord.

Let me bring joy where there is pain,
and hope where there is despair.

Make me love, not wish for love.
And let all on earth know the
secret of your peace

which is the fruit of justice
and fraternal charity.

Sing a little quieter.
Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed
be thy name, thy kingdom come