Francesco, giullare di Dio

You must be humble and pray.
Will it not be hard to leave your
family? What do you want of Francesco?

I want to be a saint like him.
I am Francesco!
Let's go out.
Your new brothers are returning
from a day's work.

This is our new brother.
So many gifts from God!
- Take these, Ginepro!

Sister Chiara sent this habit
for brother Ginepro. It's been so long,

and she wants to eat with you.
May she come here?

Do you think I should let her?
So, tell sister Chiara we await her.
Here, Ginepro. God never abandons
those who serve Him.

Why are you so sad?
We are great sinners. The Lord
wouldn't grant us alms today.

Never fear, those who do their duty
will never go in want.

What our brothers brought back
is for all of us.

Look, we have a new brother!
His name's Giovanni.