Francesco, giullare di Dio

Last night the devil visited me again.
But he went away unhorned, because
I've a simple way to drive him off,

When he's near, I rush to close
the door to my heart,

and envelop myself in
holy meditation.

So when he knocks,
I reply from within:

"Keep out, evil one, there's no room
for you here!"

Defeated, the devil leaves me,
and the land.

My God!
And the people of Assisi saw
the horizon red with fire.

They ran to Santa Maria degli Angeli
thinking it was burning.

The sky was alight with glowing words
of love from God, Chiara, and Francesco.

How brother Ginepro cut off a pig's
trotter to give to a sick brother.

I always have to stay here.
But that's fine.
One of our brothers is weak from
too much fasting.

I've made soup. Will it do him good?
Doesn't it smell good?

I doubt he can eat it,
but I'll take it to him.