Francesco, giullare di Dio

Brother piglets, the Lord has sent
you to help me.

Brother pig, please listen.
You who are the most beautiful
give your succulent trotter
for a sick brother?

It won't hurt. The Lord will help us.
Think, little brother, how rarely
we can do good!

Thank you, Lord, for the good
the pig and I can do.

You found one!
Listen, he's also thanking the Lord!
I've brought you a trotter.
What a lovely smell!
Robbers! Thieves! You cut off my pig's
leg! That's what you call doing good?

Calmly, brother. What is it?
One of you cut off my pig's leg.
- Forgive us. Did you see who did it?
- No, or I'd have cracked his skull.