Francesco, giullare di Dio

Who are you?
A sinner.
What sins?
Many, many!
- Where are you from?
- Assisi.

Your name?
Ginepro. Why?
Do you follow,
that Francesco who's gentle
like a mother?

And meek as a lamb.
In God's name! I know this boy, he's
a friend of all. I'll talk to Nicolaio.

Lord Nicolaio, an injustice!
They're killing an innocent!

What's that? What do you want?
Nibbio, raise this visor!
Raise it at once!

What innocent?
The man you just condemned.
That worm threatened my life.
Nibbio, show him the instruments.

But this is to make fire, and the
awl is for mending his sandals.

A spy warned me of an assassin with
such tools, dressed like a beggar.

This is a devilish conspiracy!
No, I know him.
He is a follower of Francesco, a poor
man - the son of a rich man.

He gave everything to the poor,
and lives with companions

in a forest, free as birds.
Many follow him, because he loves
even the lowly.

He who despises the world is full of
hate, and thus, poisonous.