Night and the City

Fabian Promotions.
Fabian Wrestling. It'll be -

- There'll be no wrestling.
- What?

- I've got a nightclub.
- What?

Yes, my own. Bought a year ago.
Flamenco's old club.

Flamenco's closed down.
- Struck off by the police for two years.
- That's why I got it on credit.

In another year, all I do is put up five shillings
for a license, and I'm in business.

But I can't wait
another day.

One more year
living with that -

I've got to get away from him, Harry.
I must get away before I -

That's what the money's for-
the license.

And you're the only man I know
who can get it.

You're gonna bribe,
steal, murder-

I don't care what you do,
but you're gonna get me a license for my club now.

- But if Phil gives me the 200,
it's got to be for wrestling.
- That's right.

But you'll just go through the motions
till we're ready to open the club.

- But Phil's no easy mark.
- I know. I'm gonna give you -

You're crazy, Helen.
You don't know what I've got.

I've got Gregorious! A shield!
I've got Kristo stopped cold!

I can control wrestling
in London!

I'm through hustling for nightclubs,
for you or for anybody else.

For yourself!
What do you think Phil takes in an evening?

Never less than a hundred quid.
And who runs the place for him? I do. Me.

I know
how to make a club spin.

If he can do that,
just think, Harry, think.

We're younger, stronger,
healthier than he is.

We've got more life in our little finger
than he has in the whole of his body.

Oh, Harry, we must. I've got to get away
from him. Please, Harry. Please! Please!

Helen, listen - Listen!
You can still
get away from Phil.

This wrestling pitch is gonna mean
a lot to us. It's gonna mean the whole -

All right, Helen.
You always were
a smart girl.

Maybe you're right.
I'm always right.
Now telephone
that wrestler.

Tell him you're set.
You'll string him
and Phil along.

But night and day,
you're gonna do one thing -