Panic in the Streets

- All the kids are going.
- Uh-uh. No.

- Aw, come on, Pop.
- Now, look, old boy.

You're supposed to get
fifty cents a week.

Aw, Pop, money just goes.
You know how it is.

Yeah, I've got
a pretty good idea.

Take it.
You're a pest.

- Thanks, Pop. I knew you would.
- Yeah, I knew it too.

The first day I've had off
in six weeks.

I just about get used to it
when the phone rings.

What am I supposed to be, anyhow?
The only one in that office
that knows what to do?

Tell Gafney.
He called, not me.

I should have had it disconnected.
Paul? I thought I told you
I was gonna take the whole day off.

Oh? Yeah.
What do you mean,
there's something funny about him?

Well, all right.
I'll come down.

Hold everybody there that had any contact
with the body in case it is something.

No, I'd rather
you stayed there.

Yeah, I know.
It's all right. I'll see you.

- Serious?
- Oh, it's always a crisis with those boys...

when they can't
diagnose something.

I don't suppose that cleaner
remembered to bring back my...

Well, what happened to him
all of a sudden?

Go ahead and change.
I'll bring it in.

Hey, Mom, isn't lunch ready yet?
I'm hungry. Oh.

- You and your father!
- Yippee!

And Al Jerio asked me to go hunting
today with him down in the Bayous.

I know. I know.
What's the rush?

Got to meet the kids.
We're going to a movie.

Movie? What are you planning
to use for money?

- Oh, I got it.
- Nope, I told him, just gonna stay home...

lie around all day.
Not gonna shave.
Just slop around.

- Old clothes. Drink a couple...
- Aw, Mom!

Now what?
Take a little nap in the afternoon.

Have an early dinner.
Just take the whole day off.

You know what I mean?

Did you give Tommy
a quarter for the movies?