Rio Grande

Pursuant to orders
I haIted on our side of the river.

The men didn"t Iike it very much.
Neither did you.
And neither do I,
but that"s the poIicy...

and soIdiers don"t make poIicy,
they mereIy carry it out.

The State Department
couId do something.

Oh, yes, they"II write
a sharp note of protest.

if you care to read
sharp notes of protest.

I"II decIaim them over the graves
of the troopers...

who were guarding the waterhoIes.
Three of them staked
face-down on anthiIIs.

You"ve got the dirtiest job in the army,
there"s no doubt of that, Kirby.

I"m not compIaining, sir.
I get paid for it.

Maybe you shouId compIain.
I"II Iisten.

This coffee isn"t as good
as it used to be.

I"II make a note of that.
But maybe, someday it"II get
better and stronger.

I"II drink to that, sir:

Too bad about your son.
I hadn"t heard.
I"m sorry, Kirby,
I thought you knew.

He faiIed mathematics
at West Point and...

and they"ve dropped him
from the miIitary academy.

Oh, it"s no disgrace
faiIing mathematics.

I just missed it myseIf
by the skin of my teeth.

I haven"t seen my son
in fifteen years.

Yes, I know, it"s...
Look, Kirby, this coffee"s weak,
but it"s aII we have, more?

if it"s aII we have...
You're in the army now,
you're not behind a plough.

You'll never get rich
by digging a ditch.

You're in the army now.
You're in the army now,
you're not behind a plough.

You son-of-a gun,
you're on the bum.

You're in the army now.
Knock it off, knock it off.
Left face!