Stage Fright

Bring him in here.
It's warmer.
Do you think I behaved like a fool?
On the whole, I think so.
I think your boyfriend
has behaved like a fool.

I have a strong premonition
that I'm going to behave like a fool.

- It's infectious.
- Do you mean you're going to help him?

Why not?
He's a friend of yours, isn't he?
- Oh, yes.
- I see.

More than a friend, eh?
When I'm with him, I get a feeling
in here that... That's sort of...

Yes. Well, we'll go
into the symptoms later.

Meanwhile, I take it you're either
keen on him or still hungry.

I'm in love with him.
You've roped him, but he's not yet
broken to harness. Is that it?

I wish Charlotte Inwood was in...
Oh, do you?
I've seen her on the stage.
She'd have made me laugh,
if I hadn't been strictly on my guard.

Well, she couldn't make me laugh,
off or on the stage.

I can't bear to sit by and see
what she's doing to Jonathan.

She's like an evil spirit.
Just look at him!

Ruined, and by a woman.
Now you want me to take the ruins
for a little cruise.

- Well, is that it?
- I thought you could take him...

...across the channel or to the Irish coast.
Then he could hide out a bit.

The journey sounds attractive,
but less so...

:16:47 help a suspected murderer to escape,
particularly with my reputation.

There's nothing wrong
with your reputation.

Oh, indeed.
I rather flattered myself that there was.

As a matter of fact, the customs people
have their eye on me.

I'm suspected of being a smuggler.