Sunset Blvd.

Yes, this is Sunset Boulevard,
Los Angeles, California.

It's about 5:00 in the morning.
That's the homicide squad...
complete with detectives
and newspaper men.

A murder has been reported from
one of those great big houses...

in the ten thousand block.
You'll read about it
in the late editions, I'm sure.

You'll get it over your radio
and see it on television...

because an old-time star is
involved-- one of the biggest.

But before you hear it all distorted
and blown out of proportion...

before those Hollywood columnists
get their hands on it...

maybe you'd like to hear the facts--
the whole truth.

If so, you've come
to the right party.

You see, the body of a young man
was found...

floating in the pool
of her mansion...

with two shots in his back
and one in his stomach.

Nobody important, really.
Just a movie writer with a couple
of pictures to his credit.

The poor dope.
He always wanted a pool.

Well, in the end
he got himself a pool...

only the price turned out to be
a little high.

Let's go back about six months and
find the day when it all started.

I was living in an apartment house
above Franklin and Ivar.

Things were tough at the moment.
I hadn't worked in a studio
for a long time.