Sunset Blvd.

I just put my car in the garage.
I had a blowout. I thought maybe--

- Go on in.
- Maybe I better take my car and--

Wipe your feet.
Go on.
You're not properly dressed
for the occasion.

- What's the occasion?
- Have him come up, Max.

- Up the stairs.
- Suppose you listen for a minute.

Madame is waiting.
For me?
If you need any help
with the coffin, call me.

This way.
In here.
I put him on my massage table
in front of the fire.

He always liked fires
and poking at them with a stick.

I've decided we'll bury him in the
garden. Any city laws against that?

- I wouldn't know.
- I don't care anyway.

I want a white coffin, and I want it
specially lined with satin.

White or deep pink.
Maybe red. Bright, flaming red.
Let's make it gay.