Young Man with a Horn

I guess I'm playing with a heavy mute.
Look, boy.
You've got music in you.
You've got it here.
And you've got it here.
But the way things are, very few people
will ever know what you're saying.

- Or what you're trying to do.
- Who cares? I don't play for people.

I play for myself.
Look, boy.
A man's got a lot of living to do
in this world.

But you, you're kind of locked up
inside yourself.

You're like a... Like a bird trying to fly
on one wing.

You'll stay up for a while.
Then you're going to fall.
Have a drink of milk.
I'm gonna miss you, pops.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Thank you, Mr. Martin.
- Take care of yourself.
- I will.

Finally, he got his first good job.