Royal Wedding

Hold it. Hold it, please.
Charlie what time is it?

It's four a.m. Sir.
Oh that's enough. Alright everybody
that will be all for tonight.

I'm sorry to keep you
working so late.

What about
our last two numbers, Tom?

We don't have to rehearse those.
You were fine this afternoon.

I thought so too. The show
looks pretty good, doesn't it?

Not bad. Anne!
Don't forget tomorrow night.
The opening, how could I?
Oh yes, do try to make that
we'd love to have you.

I meant afterwards. Edgar's
giving a party, we'll go together.

Oh Tom I can't.
You can't. Why not?
Hal is calling.
Oh that's right. I forgot all about him.
Well it doesn't matter.

I wouldn't bother, except I haven't heard
from him for such a long time now,

and I do have
to talk to him.

Taking the bus home
tonight Anne?

I'll be right with you.
Sorry Tom.

Oh, that's alright.
(Male voice)
What time tomorrow Sir?

Three o'clock for the company.
Eleven for Miss Bowen and me.

What for, Tom?

I want to take those two numbers
we didn't do tonight.

I thought you were
satisfied with them.

There's still
a few rough spots.

What happened to you?
Did you get stood up?

What are you talking about?
My! What a manic
depressive life you lead.

It's going to be a
marvellous party tomorrow night.

I'm going with John.
Who are you taking?

(Humming) Every night at seven...
Dum dum dum.

Da de di dum
de dum dem.

- Where's the key?
- Well you have it.

I have not. I gave it to you.
I'll suppose I'll have to go
all the way down to the desk and...

See, if you think nice things,
all doors open to you.

Is that
your message for the day?

Flowers! For me.
I wonder who they're from.

Not from me.
Oh, well that I know.
It's from John.
Can't make the opening.

He can't?
My! What a shame!

I had a feeling this morning
he wouldn't be able to make it,