The rocks are still burning.
It is a strange evening.
Don't you think so ?

It's beautifull.
We are like in the same bubble.

So beautifull we'd like to burst.
:34:21 the nothinglness...
It would be fun to kiss one another...
Since everyone does so.
No one ever kissed me,
Exept the ballet master.
What about oncle Erland?
This one, oh ! No way !
Have You ever kissed a girl before ?
Everything is so hard.
So complicated.

I like you, i love you...
well... you know...

You'll think I am silly.
You'll take me for a fool.

- What do you feel inside ?
- What ?

you've just told me you loved me.
It's in my chest.
It feels tight in my stomach too.

My toes want to step on one another.
But it is in my chest mainly.
And in your heart?
I don't know,
what do you feel ?

Me? I am not in love with you.
Oh really ! Is it true!
It's the skin mainly.
Touch it.
On my shoulders,
my harms and hands.
Everywhere actually...
It makes me shiver.