- Now that's a surprise...
- Yes.

I was thinking about you.
five minutes ago.

I stopped thinking ten years ago.
Bring me a coffee.
It is not the one you like.
I never liked it anyway.
But i am not that fussy about coffee anymore.
No sugar, as usual ?
No, two pieces please.
But you never took sugar.
You must take me for some other girl.
I'am not getting any younger.
- What do you hunt?
- Capercailies.

I've always admired your ability to do nothing.
What about you ?
I persuaded myself to come, and there i am.
Did you get the small package ?
the small package...
OH ! You are the one who sent me henry's diary !
Where did you find it?
Why did you sent it to me ?
Why now?
So much questions!
I got it back from the hospital.
So that it doesn't end between strangers hands.
Would you have prefered to have it straigh after?
Was it really opportune ?
You don't say anything?
I was happy to see you.
I'am leaving. I don't want to miss the boat,
nor spending the night with you.