Forgive me for beeing nasty.
Am I forgiven?
How grumpy !
I am almost on my knees,
and you're still mad at me!

I have neither the time or the desire
to cope with your moods.

Come back !
I didn't want to say that.

I don't want to see you again.
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You're a fool !
Go to hell !

I remember, It was on a saturday,
I'd been looking for him all day long.

In the evening, i went to his place,
for the first time.

Is Henrik home ?

Hardly during day time, nor at night.
He's in his room.
He walked back here and started
to trash the place.

Care for some porto ? - No, thank you.
Very well. As you wish.
Everyone is free to do as they pleased...
I'won't insist...

Can i go upstairs and see him ?
Don't indulge his every whim.
Are you hidding ?
Yes, so that i can hear what she say about me.
He eats my food,
and talk to me this way!

I guess it's not too hard on your money.
You are a lasy one, my son.
Thank god,
I am not your son !

No, you are your father's one alright,
And the both of you are waiting for me to die.
Henrik will inherit.
I sould have been dead some time ago.
As God intended...
I have cancer.