Listen, Listen. This silence...
How silent suddenly !
Sounds like another planet.
It's wierd.
Hello, Miss Marie,
Do you recognize me ?

I have seen you somewhere before !
My arms are cold.
My chest and stomach are on fire,
as if i had a fever.

Let's have a look.
Don't tickle me!
What a splendid bust!
Would you be willing to share your bed tonight?
With whom ?
Do pretend to be a fool!
It all depends on what you offer in return.
I 'am a poor girl,
still a virgin.

In that case,
no way.

But if we are getting engaged,
I promise that I won't desappoint you.
You'll have to wait
Because that jeweller as closed his shop to take a walk around.
Didn't you know that a ring made of grass
was more that enough for that purpose?

this and 24 carats kisses?
Shouldn't we take a oath or something like that?
An oath? You bet we have too.
Swear that you'll never look at another women.
I swear it.
I you don't keep your word,
you'll go to hell then !