It's deadfull.
Does it scare you?
I don't know, I feel like crying all night.
It is like a pain in my soul.
Weird that one actually feels his soul in his stomac.
You had too much apples.
Hold me in your arms, very tight,
like if you wanted to hurt me.

My love, my dear love,
hold me tight.

Hold me tight.
We shall stay awake all night,
till dawn,
when the ghost of the night are fading away.

I'm shivering so much.
my heart is breaking .
Stop saying foolish things.
You always bite me.
Just you wait, i'll show you.
We can't stay here.
Hold me, I can't fell my legs anymore.
No way.
Have you lost your mind, considering your weight!
You are a bad lover.
Well, marry Superman then!
No, he never seems to take off his clothes.