You are anxious to get undressed,
but you are while wearing make up to.

You dare not to leave nor to stay.
For once in life, I see you clearly.
All the walls we've build around us are falling apart...
All that remain is a cold and shivering being.
For once.
It is not a very pleasant view.
At those times,
you don't dare to choose life or death.

What happened to you ?
Not to me, but to you, right now.
I can read in your eyes.
You want to be happy,
to do it all over again ?

Isn't that true?...
Useless dreams, Miss !
Dancing is your only reason to go on.
Keep it, or else...

look in the mirror,
what a ridiculous face !

Mine is too, by the way.
Somebody is at the door, listening.
Why did you run away this afternoon ?
Oh ! what a dreadfull tie !
Well ! have a seat,
like everyone else.

Have you lost your tongue ?
You've met before:
Coppelius, the magicien...
and david.