I never thought I meant something to you.
If only I could read in your hands.
No, I'll be disapointed.
Don't sacrifice yourself.
let's stop saying foolish things.
I'll call you tomorrow.
You are forgetting something,
that I am here, right now.

What shall become of us?
You want to break up with me?
Yes, I want to.
I don't believe you.
Yes, I want to.
Still one of your games ?
You're going to tell me that I need some rest,
that I am nervous,
because of that dress rehearsal.

Am I wrong, Darling?
Go now, Henrik.
Henrik? Who's that ?
Go. But I shall give you something to read.
Read that book for tomorrow.
And after that, we'll be able to speak freely,
for the first time.

That's a good idea, don't you think so ?
See you tomorrow.
But your hears are dirty,
My dear.

I'd like to cry for a all week.
and the one after.