Clash by Night

Go to cannery, go to farm,
go to picking grape.

Everywhere I go, bosses says no.
Jerry is gonna be mad when he
come off his boat and find you here.

- So he's mad.
- Old man ought to sleep late in the morning.

Is old, 68?
Is old, 68?
No good for work no more?

Chop them up, old men,
chop them up like bait.

Coffee. And a brandy.
Better make it whiskey, lady.
I thought when I heard music it was you.
Now, come on home, Papa. Let's go home.

- Oh, home.
- No, no, no.

What's home? Sit thinking.
No wife, no music. It's nothing, home.
- Why don't you take up golf.
- Why don't you shut up.

Now, come on home, Papa,
and don't make no trouble.

Come on, now.
Now look what you did.
Oh, excuse, it's a mistake.
Oh, you're always making mistakes.
I'm sorry, miss.

If you'd stay home like I told you,
nothing would happen.

Hey, ain't you Mae Doyle?
Papa, you remember Mae.
Mae Doyle, Joe's sister.