Clash by Night

Joe, am I cockeyed?
Get off that table
before you break your neck.

A toast to the bride and groom.
A toast to the bride and groom.
- I am gonna make a speech.
- Bravo, bravo.

Quiet, everybody.
God, he made enough fish for everybody.
And he made enough wine for everybody.
And he made enough love for everybody.
So fish, wine, love for everybody.
Jerry, we hope you'll be very happy.
- Thank you, thank you.
- And a happy forever after.

- Congratulations, Jerry.
- Thank you. Earl, ain't she wonderful?

She's the one who sticks to the ceiling.
I can see you, Jeremiah...

...three kids and an oven full of bread.
- Congratulations.

I wish you both all the happiness plus.
By the way, I ain't kissed
the lovely bride yet. Do you mind, Mrs. D?

- How about a dance, Mrs. D'Amato?
- Go ahead, Mae.

- I'd love to.
- Earl, come on, have a good time.

Everybody, have a good time.
- Have a cigar? Compliments of the house.
- Smoke them yourself, uncle.