Come Back, Little Sheba

Come right in. Right in here.
This is the room, honey.
See? You got a closet.
Nice, big closet.
And a lamp for reading.

I'll have to get you a bulb.
It's usually more quiet.
I guess a student needs it quiet.

But today being Saturday,
the Coffman kids is home.

The view isn't too important.
- It ain't too much money?
- No, the price seems all right.

Nice bed. A wonderful bed.
Good mattress.
I know, 'cause I slept here myself.

- You did?
- Well, not lately.

My husband used to be sickly.
But he's all right now.

I don't know, Mrs Delaney,
I'll think it over.

There isn't anything
closer to the university.

- It's very convenient, but...
- The bathroom's nice.

I just had it repainted three years ago.
We could put in another shelf
for your towels and things.

- And that's...
- That's our room.

My husband's asleep or I'd show you.
My husband's a doctor.
Not a real MD, a chiropractor.
But he's got a good practice.

If you was interested in the front room,
I could speak to him.

No, I wouldn't think of it.
I just started looking
and I feel I should look around a bit.

You could get your own meal.
Kitchen privileges, they call it.

And I could get you your own key.
You could come and go as...
That's my sewing room.

- It's a little upset now.
- I will think it over.

You could use the house
as if it was yours.

We wouldn't interfere,
'cause we're very quiet.

We don't have much company.
- It's only two blocks to the bus.
- Yes, it's very convenient.