Come Back, Little Sheba

Thank you, ma'am.
- I hope you can't taste the cantaloupe.
- Is that what it is?

- I'll get you some fresh.
- No, this is fine.

You haven't been our postman
very long, have you?

You postmen have things pretty nice.
I hear you get a nice pension
from the government after 20 years.

I think that's fine. It's a good job, too.
You may get tired,
but it's good for a man to be outdoors
and get a lot of exercise.

My husband is a chiropractor.
He has to stay inside his office
all day long.

The only exercise he gets
is rubbing people's backbones.

But it makes his hands
awful strong, you know.

He's got the strongest hands
you ever saw. But a weak digestion.

- You want any more?
- No, thanks.

You know, my husband
is Alcoholics Anonymous.

He wouldn't mind if I told you.
He's proud of it.

He hasn't touched a drop in over a year.
All that time, we've had a bottle of
whisky in the kitchen. Just for company.

He hasn't even gone near it.
Doesn't even want to.

Alcoholics can't drink like
ordinary people. They're allergic to it.

They start drinking and they can't stop.
Liquor transforms them.

But if they leave liquor alone,
they're perfectly all right.

They're just like you and me.
You should've seen Doc
before he gave it up. He was awful.

He lost all his patients,
he didn't wanna go to the office.

He just wanted
to stay drunk all day long.

You wouldn't believe it now.
He's got all his patients back.

- He's doing just fine.
- I know Dr Delaney.

I deliver mail to his office.
He's a very fine man.

- You don't drink, do you?
- Just a few beers once in a while.

I don't think that stuff
is good for anybody.

- You got any kids?
- I got three grandchildren.