Hans Christian Andersen

My darling, was I cruel today?
Oh, you were, my friend. You were indeed.
I was almost in tears.
- Doro, I'm sorry.
- Niels, don't be sorry.

It's just as it should be.
Don't you see that, my angel?

Professionally, we fight like two tigers,
but afterwards...

That's what makes it so good afterwards.
Isn't it good now?
It's wonderful. Why do I forget that
the minute you start to dance?

Then I see only my mortal enemy -
the ballerina - in front of me.

Because the ballet is your life,
just as it is mine.

Don't you think I sometimes forget
you are my husband when I am dancing,

and want to kill you
for some of the things you say?

You really want to kill me?
Of course I do. Isn't that as it should be?
I would hate it any other way,
wouldn't you?

Oh, Niels, we are lucky,
and I do love you so.

I'm sorry about the shoes. I will behave
beautifully this afternoon, you will see.

- Sorry about the shoes?
- There was nothing wrong with them.

I just did that to torment you.
Oh, you did?
I know exactly how to torment you,
don't I, darling?

And you look so wonderfully poetic
when you are in a rage, my dear.

Never mind how I look. So you just made
up that little bit about the shoes, huh?

But you were being terrible.
You deserved it.

You let everyone sit around
while you took your petty revenge?

You forget what you said in front
of the entire company about my dancing?

No, I don't. I remember every word of it.
- I was right!
- Oh, you were?