High Noon

- You're in a hurry?
- Yeah, I sure am.

You're a fool Come on.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Let us begin.

Would the bride and groom
kindly step forward?

Will Kane and Amy Fowler,
you appear before me in my capacity
as Justice of the Peace of this township

to be joined together
in the bounds of holy matrimony.

- Man, it sure is hot
- Hot? You call this hot?

Well, I'll be...
I thouht I saw Ben Miller.

- He's down Texas somewhere.
- I know.

Looked Like Pierce and Colby, too.
Oh, it couldn't be.

My goodness gracious
- Noon train on time?
- Yes, sir. That is, I think so, sir.

Don't know reason why
it shouldn't be...Mr Pierce.

How're you,
Mr Miller...Mr Pierce...Mr Colby?