High Noon

Marshal, a telegram for you.
It's terrible, it's shocking.
- They've pardoned Frank Miller.
- I don't believe it.

We could go too.
- Nice of them to let you know.
- That ain't all.

Ben Miller is down the depot
with Pierce and Colby.

- He asked about the noon train.
- The noon train?

Well.. You get out of this town.
Get out of this town this very minute.

- What is it?
- Never mind that now.

- What is it, Mr Howe?
- Just get out, and everything will be fine.

- We'll take care of everything.
- I ought to stay.

Are you crazy?
Think of Amy.

Goodbye, Amy.
Don't worry, everything will be allright

Hm... That's funny.
- What?
- Oh, you can't see now.

Kane and his new wife
just took off in a big hurry.

- What's so funny?
- I mean, a big hurry.

Hey, you don't suppose
Kane's scared of those three gunnies?

I never saw him whip a horse that way.
- Sam?
- Come in, Helen.

Ben Miller is in town.
He has two of the old bunch with him.