High Noon

Kane's back!
- Don't believe it.
- Just seen him!

- How many coffins have we got?
- Two.

We'll need at least two more,
no matter how you figure it.

You better get busy, Fred.
Please, Will, if you'd just tell me
what this is all about.

I sent a man up five years ago for murder.
He was supposed to hang.

But up north, they commuted it to life
and now he's free.

I don't know how.
It looks like he's coming back.

- I still don't understand.
- He's a...

He was always wild and kind of crazy.
He'll probably make trouble.

But that's no concern of yours.
Not any more.

I'm the one who sent him up.
But that was part of your job.
They've got a new marshal

He won't be here until tomorrow.
Seems to me I've got to stay.

- I'm the same man with or without this.
- That isn't so.

He'll come looking for me.
Three of his old bunch are waiting for him.

- That's why we ought to go.
- They'll just come after us.

Four of them...
And we'd be all alone in the prairie.

- We've got an hour.
- What's an hour?

We'd never be able to keep that store, Amy.
We'd have to run again
as long as we live.

No, you wouldn't.
Not, if they didn't know where to find us.

- I'm begging you, please, let's go.
- I can't.

Don't try to be a hero.
You don't have to be a hero, not for me.

I'm not not trying to be a hero.
If you think I like this, you're crazy.