High Noon

Don't you rememher
when he sat there and said:

''You'll never hang me. I'll come back
I swear it. I'll kill you, Kane!''

Here you are, ma'am.
This will take you to St. Louis.

Thank you.
Maybe you'd rather wait somewhere else.
Like at the hotel, maybe.

- All right thank you.
- I'm sorry about all this, Mrs Kane.

Don't you worry.
The marshal'll take care of himself.

Thank you very much.
Hey, that wasn't here five years ago.
- So what?
- Nothing...yet.

Harvey, don't you think
Kane will be looking for you right now?

- You're really sore at him.
- Wouldn't you be if you wore me?

I suppose...if I wore you.
I'll be back in a while.
- Goodbye, Will
- Goodbye.

- You think I'm letting you down?
- No.

Look, this is just a dirty little village
in the middle of nowhere.

Nothing that happens here
is really important. Get out.

There isn't time.
What a waste. Good luck.