High Noon

- Why ain't you in church?
- Why ain't you?

Will you do somethin' for me?
Go find Anderson, Howe and Fuller,
and tell them I want them here.

- Then find Harv Pell!
- Don't have to do that. I'm right here.

- Where have you been?
- Busy.

You know what's doing?
We've got lots to do.

Hold up a second.
This ain't really your job, you know.

- That's what everybody keeps telling me.
- Just listen a second.

- All right, I'm listening.
- This is the way I see it.

If you'd gone with the new marshal
not due till tomorrow, I'd be in charge, right?

If I'm good enough to hold down the job
when there's trouble,

how come the city fathers
didn't trust me with it permanently?

- I don't know.
- Don't you?

- No.
- I figure you carry a lot of weight.

Maybe they didn't ask me.
Maybe they figured you were too young.

- You think I'm too young too?
- You sure act like it sometimes. Come on.

It's very simple, Will You just tell
the old boys that I'm the new marshal.

Tomorrow they can tell the other fellow
that the job's filled.

- You really mean it, don't you?
- Sure.

- But I can't do it.
- Why not?

- If you don't know, it's no use me tellin' you.
- You mean you won't do it?

- Have it your way.
- All right

The truth is, you probably
talked against me from the start.

You've been sore about me
and Helen Ramirez right along, ain't you?

You and Helen Ramirez? I...
I didn't know and it doesn't mean
anything to me, you ought to know that.