High Noon

Yeah, you've been washed up
for more than a year.

You get married, only, you can't stand
anybody taking your place there...

- ...especially me.
- You're...

- I haven't got time, Harv.
- Okay, let's get down to business.

You want me to stick,
you put a word in for me.

Sure I want you to stick, but I'm not buying it.
It's gotta be up to you.

I thought you'd grown up by now.
I thought your disposition might've
sweetened up a little down in Abeline.

I guess we're both wrong.
What's so funny?
Did you really think
you could put that over on Kane?

- Why not?
- When are you going to grow up?

- I'm getting tired of that kind of talk.
- Then grow up.

Cut it out!
- All right
- Why should he have gone for it?

He needs me plenty
when Frank Miller gets here.

- That's possible.
- He should've had me made marshal.

- He's just sore. Sore about you and me.
- Is he?

- You told him?
- Sure.

You're a fool.
Why? Didn't you want him to know?