High Noon

Mildred, he's coming.
Now you do like I told you.

I'm not home.
No matter what he says, I'm not home.

- Sam, he's your friend.
- Don't argue with me. He'll be here soon.

He won't believe me. He'll know I'm lying.
You do like I tell you.
- Hello, Mrs Fuller. Is Sam in?
- No, he isn't.

Do you know where he is?
It's important to me, to find him.

I think... He's in church, Will.
He's gone to church.

- Without you?
- I'm gonna go as soon as I dress.

Thank you, Mrs Fuller. Goodbye.
What do you want?
Do you want me to get killed?

- Do you want to be a widow?
- No, Sam. No.

- What's the matter, Jimmy?
- Nothin'. I've been lookin' for you.

I wanna a gun. I wanna be with you
when that train comes in.

- Can...can you handle a gun?
- Sure I can. I used to be good.

Honest. It ain't just gettin' even.
It's a chance. This is what I need.
Please, let me get in on this.