High Noon

It's true, I haven't been a churchgoing man,
and maybe that's a bad thing.

I didn't get married here today
because my wife is a Quaker,

but I came here for help
because there are people here.

I'm sorry, marshal
Say what you have to say.

Maybe some of you already know it
but if you don't...

It looks like Frank Miller
is coming back on a noon train.

I need all the specialdeputies I can get.
Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's go.
Hold it a minute, hold it!
Before we rush out into something
that isn't so pleasant,

let's make sure we know
what this is all about.

What I want to know is this: ain't it true
that Kane ain't no longer a marshal?

And that there's personal trouble
with Kane and Miller?

All right, allright!
Quiet, everybody!

If there's a difference of opinion,
let everybody have a say.

But let's do it like grown-up people,
and get the kids out of the building.

- Anything on the train?
- It's on time as far as I know, sir.