High Noon

We can be pretty sure he's on it.
Time's getting short.

- Parson, you got anything to say?
- I don't know.

The commandment says
''thou shalt not kill''

but we hire men to do it for us.
The right and the wrong
seem pretty clear here,

but if I should tell my people
to go out and kill,

and maybe get themselves killed, I'm sorry,
I don't know what to say. I'm sorry.

All right, I'll say this.
What this town owes Will Kane, it can never
pay with money. Don't forget it.

He's the best marshal we've ever had,
and maybe the best we'll ever have.

So if Miller comes back here today,
it's our problem, not his.

It's our problem
because this is our town.

We made it with our own hands,
out of nothing.

If we want to keep it decent
we gotta think mighty clear today.

We gotta have the courage to do what is right,
no matter how hard it is.

All right! There's gonna be fighting
when Kane and Miller meet.

And somebody's going to get hurt,
that's for sure.

Now... People up north
are thinking about this town.

Thinking about sending money down here,
to put up stores and factories.

It would mean a lot to this town, an awful lot,
but if they'll read about shooting in the streets,
what are they going to think?

I'll tell you. They'll think
this is just another wide-open town,

and everything we worked for
will be wiped out.

In one day, this town
will be sat back five years,

and I don't think we can let that happen.
Mind you, you all know
how I feel about this man.

He's a mighty brave man, a good man.
He didn't have to come back today.

And for his sake, and a sake of this town,
I wish he hadn't.